Brad Price, Ph.D.

Dr. Brad Price is currently an Assistant Professor of Business Data Analytics in the College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University.  He is responsible for teaching data science, statistics, and data mining courses in the Business Data Analytics curriculum at WVU.  Dr. Price’s research focuses on the development of data science methodology for business, specifically focusing on statistical machine learning, and scalable algorithms so that business have the ability to make impact with big data.  He has served in an advisory role in analytics and data science for many different organizations spanning the fields of entertainment, banking, hospitality, sports, and manufacturing.  

Previously, Dr. Price was at the University of Miami (Fla.) where he was the Director of the Masters of Science in Business Analytics and a Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Business Administration. He received his Ph.D. in 2014 from the University of Minnesota School of Statistics, and holds dual B.S. from West Virginia University in Industrial Mathematics and Statistics, and Mathematics.    


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